Functionalised fleece and sinter materials

PolyAn has developed a range of functionalised sinter materials, fleece and membranes with reactive surfaces as well as inert, permanently hydrophilisized surfaces.

IdTitleProduct Dimensions
101 00 0113D-Amino functionalized PP membrane80 mm x 120 mm
101 00 0203D-Amino PE fleece80 mm x 120 mm
101 00 0303D-Amino PE sinter plate80 mm x 120 mm
101 00 1173D-Carboxy PE sinter plate80 mm x 120 mm
101 001 063D-Carboxy functionalized PP membrane80 mm x 120 mm
101 002 253D-Epoxy functionalized PP membrane80 mm x 120 mm
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Carriermaterials for the Solid- Phase-Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry

Applications of PolyAn's reactive surfaces include:

  • Synthesis and spot-synthesis of DNA-Arrays, Peptide-Libraries and Carbohydrate-/Small Molecule-Libraries. The geometry of the sinter materials makes these products especially suitable for small-volume synthesis
  • Immobilisation of biomolecules, enzymes, antibodies, targets / API, receptors, ligands, metal complexes, metal ions, e.g. for Flow Chemistry applications.
  • Filtration / purification, e.g. as support for scavenger applications
  • Line Immuno Assays (LIA) and membranes based microarrays

PolyAn's products which have been specifically developed for the solid phase syntheses and combinatorial chemistry are surface-modified, chemical inert and mechanically robust materials.

With our innovative functionalisation-process we are able to anchor a wide range of ligands covalently onto the respective surface without influencing the chemical or biological properties of the ligand. The chemical reactivity (nature and accessibility of the chemical function) has been optimised while the relevant physical properties, e.g. the transport properties in the case of membranes, can be retained.

PolyAn's reactive substrates can for example be integrated in microtiterplates or used as reactive media in chemical reactors. It is possible to fit the material into cartridges, columns and filters. The modified surfaces can also be used as Merrifield resins, i.e. the usual instructions and protocols can be easily transferred. All chemical reactions, which are possible with resin/gel-systems, can also be realised with PolyAn's reactive substrates.  Contrary to most of the conventional Merrifield resins, the PolyAn's reactive materials do not have to swell in order to achieve the optimal reactivity.

If the solid phase synthesis is carried out on larger surfaces, e.g. membranes or plates, it is possible to address defined spots on the surface (→ combinatorial synthesis, production of substance libraries, screening). The synthesised products can be easily punched or cut out for further use. The punched out areas can also be used as micro-reactors.