Surfaces for microarrrays

Every biomolecule is different. We are offering one of the broadest range of surfaces for binding of biomolecules on the market, so that you can select the optimal surface for your application. Our product portfolio includes both conventional 2D (2-dimensional)-reactive glass slides as well as PolyAn’s 3D-reactive matrices:

  • ultra-thin (mono)layer
  • rigid structure
  • cost-effective reactive surface
  • suitable for glass and metal oxides
  • tentacular, branched polymer structure, partly crosslinked
  • thickness: 1 – 50 nm, depending on application
  • swellable hydrogel
  • for small molecules fully penetratable
  • variable density / surface concentration of functional groups

Available 2D-reactive matrices

  • 2D-Epoxy
  • 2D-Amino
  • 2D-Aldehyde
  • 2D-Carboxy
  • 2D-Activated Amino (PDITC)
  • 2D-Thiol
  • 2D-Azide

For cost-sensitive applications PolyAn has developed a range of 2D (2-dimensional)-reactive glass slides that are manufactured from high quality glass with an ultra-flat surface and low inherent fluorescence. The glass is coated with a thin silane layer that will covalently bind most types of bio-molecules. The defect-free surface features uniform silane layers that provide a high covalent coupling efficiency together with a very low background.

Available 3D-reactive matrices

Our 3D-reactive surfaces are functionalized with a three-dimensional (3D)-surface chemistry comprised of a long-chain polymer containing a defined number of reactive groups. The 3D-structure enables a higher loading with reactive groups and incorporates structures that reduce unspecific binding. Optimized loading and low unspecific binding can translate into a higher signal-to-noise ratio.


Our products include plastic and glass slides, coverslips as well as functionalized 96-well plates for DNA-, peptide- or protein microarrays. Applications range from low density microarrays for diagnostic tests to ultra-high density arrays for pharma screening.

The slides are produced with standard dimensions of 25 x 75 x 1 mm. Additionally, we offer customized slides with a surface modification tailored to your specific application. PolyAn also functionalizes metal surfaces with our 3D-reactive matrices.

Customized surfaces

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require special surfaces for binding of your biomolecules that are not listed in the products table. We can also functionalize other plate formats and substrates with our surfaces. Additionally, we have access to a wide range of different surface modifications for binding of small molecules, saccharides etc.