Microarray Slides Applications

PolyAn is offering one of the broadest product portfolios of microarray slides on the market. As every biomolecule is a bit different, this enables you to test and choose the optimal surface for your specific application.

Reactive Surface Selection Chart

PolyAn offers a very broad portfolio of surfaces and substrates to enable the selection of the optimal surface for each probe and application:

We recommend to start testing the surfaces in the standard 75 mm x 25 mm x 1 mm glass microarray slide format. Once you have selected the optimal surface, it is possible to transfer this surface also onto other support materials, e.g.:

or other more exotic substrates like low autofluorescence films, waveguide materials, microfluidic devices and custom specific formats. We are happy to help you find the best surface for your application. Please contact us.

In order to facilitate handling of glass slides, coverslips and glass plates, PolyAn also offers a range of useful accessories and reagents.