Surface functionalized Microparticles

PolyAn’s high-performance polymer microparticles are functionalized with a 3D-surface chemistry comprised of a long-chain polymer with a defined number of reactive groups. In contrast to conventional coating procedures, the reactive polymer is covalently linked to the surface.

PMMA Microparticles (Beads)

By using MSE-technology, a thin polymer shell of a few nanometers, consisting of functional groups, is anchored on the bead surface. This occurs without changing the physical and optical properties of the PMMA core. Our 3D-functionalized particles are suitable for covalent coupling of molecules or for ionic interaction.

PolyAn offers the following surfaces for immobilization of DNA, peptides, proteins and other (bio-)molecules:

Unspecific binding and aggregation of biomolecules is reduced by our low aggregation matrix. Our rigorous quality control procedures according to ISO 9001 ensure the constant loading and low batch-to-batch variation necessary for molecular diagnostics and pharma screening.