Fluorescence Calibration Slides

PolyAn’s Fluorescence Calibration Slides are designed for the routine calibration of confocal fluorescence microscopes and other fluorescence imaging systems, e.g. for scanning cytometry.

The calibration slides are prepared by mounting statistically distributed monodisperse PMMA beads that contain ultra-stable fluorophores onto standard 75 x 25 x 1 mm glass slides. The beads are protected from mechanical stress with a coverglass and show a homogeneous particle distribution without particle aggregates, as shown in the image below.


Id Title
104 20 005 PolyAn DAPI Calibration Slide
104 20 010 PolyAn FITC Calibration Slide
104 20 020 PolyAn APC Channel Calibration Slide
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We can also mount other fluorescent and non-fluorescent particles in any size between 5-15 µm onto our slides. Please do not hesitate to contact us (mail@poly-an.de), if you are interested in a set of calibration slides that is tailored to your specific application and/or read-out system.

Optical key features

  • Ultra thin monolayer on glass slides (alternative formats available upon request) ensures that there are no out of focus particles
  • Homogeneous particle size and fluorescence intensity
  • Single particles, no particle aggregates and homogeneous, statistical particle distribution
  • Suitable for all automated fluorescence imaging systems

The calibration slides are used to determine the sensitivity and system performance.

Stability of fluorophores

For calibration applications PolyAn uses fluorophores that meet the highest quality requirements for fluorescence stability even after very long exposure times. This ensures that the calibration slides can be used up to 100-200 times with minimal loss of fluorescence intensity. The calibration slides have a good longterm stability, e.g. less than 0.5 % decrease in fluorescence intensity after storage for 1 month at 37°C.

PolyAn product flyer Fluorescence Calibration Slides

Selected publications

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