Molecular Surface Engineering

PolyAn is able to equip almost any substrate with our reactive matrices and anti- fouling surfaces. As part of our Molecular Surface Engineering services, we offer functionalised consumable and substrate materials for OEM applications, which are tailored to specified customer requirements.

Functionalised porous materials

Reactive sinter and fleece materials for solid phase synthesis, parallel synthesis, combinatorial chemistry and Scavenger applications. PolyAn also offers a range of permanently hydrophilic fleece and sinter materials that can be used as wicking materials for sensors and other applications.

Dense organo-selective Membranes

PolyAn has also developed a range of membranes for organophilic Pervaporation and organophilic Nanofiltration. These membranes can be used for the separation of aromatics from aliphatics, olefins from aliphatics and the separation of other organic mixtures. Pervaporation can also be used to break azeoptropes.