Tools for Cell Culture

CultureWell™ Removable Chambered Coverglass

Ideally suited for the culture of cells where pre-treatment of the glass surface with a biological coating is recommended. Simply add sterile solution to the plate and aspirate. Coating is applied evenly to one side of the glass only, with no overlapping, handling with forceps or breakage.  Biological coating procedures for coverglass are available upon request.

CultureWell™ Chambered Coverglass

Chambered coverglass products consist of removable / reusable non-cytotoxic silicone gaskets secured to 24 mm x 50 mm, number 1.5 German coverglass. They may be placed in sterile culture plates or 100 mm diameter culture dishes.

SecureSlip™ Cell Culture Coverglass

Coverglass is affixed to a thin microscopically transparent silicone base which secures it to culture vessels by fricton (no adhesives) to prevent movement during cultivation, and cells from growing on the back surface.  The silicone also acts as a hydrophobic barrier to isolate liquid reagents on glass.