3D-Aldehyde Matrix

for coupling via the N-terminus of the biochemical species

Aldehyde groups react immediately with the NH2-terminus of biochemical species to form a covalent bond with the surface (420 kJ/mol). In an intermediate state the Aldehydes form an instable Imine-group with the Amines (Schiff-base). It is also possible to reduce the Imines with Sodium Borhydride to form stable Amines.

Upon completion the coupling reaction other non-reacted aldehydes must be blocked with small molecules that penetrate the 3D-Matrix and effectively quench all remaining reactive groups.

PolyAn equips glass slides, coverslips and polymer slides with 3D-Aldehyde surfaces. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to functionalize a different format or substrate with our 3D-Aldehyde surface.