Hydrophilic sinter and fleece substrates

These sinter materials and fleece products are especially suitable as inert wicking materials for chemically aggressive solvents, e.g. electrolytes, acids. Due to the covalent coupling of the hydrophilic matrix to the base substrate any contamination due to bleeding-out of reagents can be avoided. The hydrophilisation is permanent and stable over very long periods of time.

Product Dimensions
Id Title Substrate Product Dimensions
101 00 131 3D-Hydroxy PE fleece Polyethylen 80 x 120 mm
101 00 203 3D-Hydroxy PP membrane Polypropylene 80 x 120 mm
101 00 214 3D-Hydroxy PE sinter plate Polyethylen 80 x 120 mm
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Sinter and fleece materials with a larger or smaller pore size and also different thicknesses are also available upon request. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in a surface modification tailored to your specific requirements.