Fluorescence Lifetime Beads

Fluorescence lifetime (FLT) measurements can be used to discriminate fluorescent samples based on differences in their fluorescence decay rates. This approach can be applied for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), confocal microscopy, two-photon excitation microscopy, multiphoton tomography as well as for lifetime-based flow cytometry (FCM). PolyAn has developed fluorescence lifetime encoded beads (FLT beads) that can be distinguished according to their different fluorescence lifetimes.


Id Title
110 00 006 6.5 µm, 3D-Carboxy Fluorescence Lifetime Beads, 1.7 ns
110 10 006 6.5 µm, 3D-Carboxy Fluorescence Lifetime Beads, 2.7 ns
110 20 006 6.5 µm, 3D-Carboxy Fluorescence Lifetime Beads, 5.5 ns
110 30 006 6.5 µm, 3D-Carboxy Fluorescence Lifetime Beads, 7.9 ns
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The standard packaging volume is 1.5 mL with a solids content of 0.1% (mg/mL).

Our PolyAn FLT Beads are also available with 3D-Aldehyde, Streptavidin or Neutravidin, Protein A/G, 3D-Azide, 3D-Alkyne, 3D-DBCO, and 3D-MTZ surfaces. A custom modification with antibodies, peptides, or oligonucleotides is available upon request.


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Adapted from Lin, Y. et al., Sci. Rep. (2024), 14, 3286, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-024-52966-9 (Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0).