Transparent PMMA Microparticles

PolyAn offers transparent polymer beads with a very narrow particle size distribution for particle analysis using flow cytometry or other screening applications.

IdTitlePackaging Volume
105 00 002Transparent PMMA Beads, 2µm diameter10 mL
105 00 005Transparent PMMA Beads, 5µm diameter10 mL
105 00 009Transparent PMMA Beads, 9µm diameter10 mL
105 00 012Transparent PMMA Beads, 12µm diameter10 mL
105 00 016Transparent PMMA Beads, 16µm diameter10 mL
105 00 020Transparent PMMA Beads, 20µm diameter10 mL
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Other particle sizes are available upon request. All beads can be equipped with a wide range of functional surfaces. Please do not hesitate to contact us.