SecureSlip™ Cell Culture Coverglass

Convenient, secure coverglass that will not move during cultivation.

The coverglass is affixed to a thin microscopically transparent silicone base which secures to culture vessels by an electrostatic charge, not an adhesive, to prevent movement during cultivation.

The silicone also acts as a hydrophobic barrier to isolate liquid reagents on glass. Individual coverglass with silicone backing can be adhered to a petri dish or plate. These can be easily removed one at a time from the dish during culture. Once removed, coverglass can be affixed to a microscope slide by means of the tacky silicone backing for routine processing, or placed cell side down onto a drop of reagent using the silicone backing as a cover to prevent evaporation.


  • Silicone backing peels off easily for conventional mounting on microscope slides.
  • During culture, cells may be imaged without interference from the optical grade silicone.
  • Eliminates coverglass overlapping during culture.Handle SecureSlips™ with forceps by the silicone backing to avoid damage to glass or cells.
  • Easily identify “cell side” of coverglass.
  • Recommended use temperature is -62°C to 218°C


Id Title
104112 MS-12 SecureSlip Silicone Supported Coverglass, 15 Square 12mm X 12mm Dia., No. 1.5, STERILE - 75 PACK
104212 MSR-12 SecureSlip Silicone Supported Coverglass, 15 Round 12mm X 12mm Dia., No. 1.5, STERILE - 75 PACK
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