Multiplex Bead Assays

PolyAn’s Multiplex Beads are designed for the development of multiplex assays that can be analyzed using a wide range of flow cytometers or fluorescence imaging-based platforms (e.g. fluorescence microscope systems):

PolyAn’s multiplex assay technology utilizes multiple bead populations differentiated by size and different levels of fluorescence intensity and/or fluorophores. With multiple sizes of beads and multiple levels of fluorescence intensity in each bead size, the PolyAn Multiplex technology can measure up to 25 analytes simultaneously in a single reaction.

Each bead population can be conjugated with a specific biomolecule (such as an oligonucleotide, peptide or antibody) on the surface and serves as the capture bead for that particular analyte. When a selected panel of capture beads are mixed together and incubated with an unknown sample containing the target analytes, each analyte will be bound by its specific capture bead.

After washing, detection antibodies are added and each detection antibody will bind to its specific analyte bound on the capture beads, thus forming capture bead-analyte-detection antibody sandwiches.

PolyAn offers the design of multiplex beads for proprietary analytics systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in the OEM-production of multiplex beads for your specific systems.