3D-Thiol Matrix

for an oriented covalent coupling of thiolated biochemical species

Thiol surfaces react with other Thiol-containing probes in an oxidative coupling reaction to form so-called “disulfide bridges”. This reaction can be achieved with mild oxidizing agents such as peroxides, iodine or bromine, and even atmospheric oxygen.

Thiol surfaces can also be applied to covalently bind alkyne moieties with high yield and stereoselectivity in a Click chemistry reaction. This so-called thiol-ene reaction proceeds either through a Michael addition when catalyzed by a base or nucleophile, or via a free-radical addition when initiated by light, heat, or a radical initiator.

PolyAn equips glass slides, coverslips and polymer slides with 3D-Thiol surfaces. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to functionalize a different format or substrate with our 3D-Thiol surface.