PATH® Protein Microarray Slides

PATH® Protein Microarray Slides are coated with an ultra-thin nitrocellulose film for the noncovalent, yet irreversible, binding of printed antibodies to the slide surface while maintaining antigen binding capability. PATH® slides provide maximum reliability, sensitivity, and reproducibility of multiplex protein microarray immunoassays, in addition to reducing background fluorescence and maximizing signal-to-noise ratios.


Id Title
805020 PATH Protein Microarray Slide, Barcoded - 20 PACK
805025 PATH Protein Microarray Slide, No Marking - 20 PACK
805060 PATH® Protein Microarray Slide, Barcoded - 20 PACK
805065 7
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PATH® slides provide many features of nitrocellulose in a thin film, including high signal-to-noise ratio, uniform spot morphology, 4-5 logs of dynamic range, excellent immunoassay reproducibility, extended stability and shelf life via ambient shipping and storage, and individual barcoding options. Through these benefits, users can gain up to 10X sensitivity and more reliable results across a wide range of analyte concentrations. The individual barcode options provide easy identification and tracking for improved experimental and quality control. PATH® slides can be used for a variety of assay applications, including sandwich immunoassays, capture immunoassays, protein profiling, and protein characterization.

Films are less than 200nm thick and bound to a standard 75mm x 25mm x 1mm microscope slide with a usable surface area of 62mm x 21mm. PATH® film slides have an approximate 2-year shelf life in ambient storage temperature.

PATH® Protein Microarray Kit is an optimized system enabling the user to obtain the full technical potential of the ultra-thin nitrocellulose substrate

NOTE:  The  ‘bronze’ (brown) side of slides only is coated, and the silver ‘mirrored’ side is not. Print on the coated side only.

PATH® is a registered trademark of Courtagen Life Sciences and manufactured exclusively by Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.