Functionalized Coverslips for DNA combing

PolyAn's Combing Coverslips are surface-functionalized glass coverslips that are suitable for DNA combing. The Combing Coverslips are designed to allow fixation and stretching of DNA strands with low fluorescence background and improved signal-to-noise ratio for DNA detection. PolyAn's Combing Coverslips are compatible with the Genomic Vision combing systems FiberComb® and FiberVision®S.


DNA combing

DNA combing (also called molecular combing) is a biochemical technique to produce an array of uniformly oriented and stretched DNA. The uniform orientation and stretching of the combed DNA is beneficial for nucleic acid hybridization studies such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), as it increases the accessibility for the hybridization target sequences as well as the resolution for the optical detection.


Product Dimensions
Packaging Volume
Id Product Dimensions Packaging Volume
104 90 802 22 x 22 mm 50 Coverslips/Box
104 90 803 22 x 22 mm 25 Coverslips/Box
104 90 804 22 x 22 mm 10 Coverslips/Box
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Technical specifications

Dimensions: The Combing Coverslips are produced with standard dimensions of 22 x 22 mm. Type #1.5 (170 µm) is used as a standard thickness. Other thicknesses and sizes are available upon request.

Packaging: The coverslips are packaged in boxes under Argon atmosphere to avoid contamination with particles. The Argon atmosphere also minimizes degradation of the surface through contact with air or humidity.

Storage: PolyAn’s Combing Coverslips are characterized by a long shelf-life when stored dry, at 4-8°C, and protected from sunlight.