Combinations of Multiplex Bead Sets

Each bead population of the PolyAn Red4 Multiplex Beads and PolyAn Blue Multiplex Beads can be combined independently to create a Multiplex Bead mixture that is most suitable for your application. The combination of Red4 Multiplex Beads and Blue Multiplex Beads leaves the PE channel free for the detection of binding events.

The figure below demonstrates the simultaneous detection of a mixture of 8 populations of the PolyAn Blue 10-plex Beads and 25 populations of the PolyAn Red4 30-plex Beads using a Beckman Coulter CytoFlex LX flow cytometer (same dataset, two different viewing angles).

The standard packaging volume is 1.5 mL/population with a solids content of 0.5%.

Our PolyAn Multiplex Beads are available with 3D-Carboxy, Streptavidin, Neutravidin and Protein A/G, as well as with 3D-Aldehyde, 3D-Azide, 3D-Alkyne, 3D-DBCO, and 3D-MTZ surfaces. A custom modification with antibodies, peptides or oligonucleotides is available upon request.