Molecular Surface Engineering – functionalized consumables for LifeScience applications

PolyAn is a nanotechnology company specialized in the modification of surfaces using Molecular Surface Engineering (MSE). Since 1996 PolyAn develops and manufactures consumables for multiplex diagnostic and LifeScience research.

PolyAn is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. PolyAn’s production facilities also include a class 7 cleanroom.


PolyAn is one of the leading producers of functionalized substrates for microarrays. Our wide range of surfaces, substrates and handling tools for microarrays enables our customers to easily select the most suitable substrate for their specific application.

Our product portfolio includes both functionalized glass slides as well as ultra-transparent plastic slides, coverslips, reactive membranes and 96-well microplates. Available surfaces for immobilization of biomolecules range from simple 2D-silanes, 3D-reactive nanogels and hydrogels to matrices for bio-orthogonal coupling via click-chemistry. Additionally, PolyAn is the European distributor of the nitrocellulose film slides and microarray accessories of Grace Bio-Labs.


PolyAn is offering a portfolio of monodisperse PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) microparticles (beads, microspheres) for multiplex bead assays, calibration of flow cytometers and calibration of fluorescence imaging systems. PolyAn’s microparticles can be colour encoded with a wide range of fluorescent dyes and functionalized with PolyAn reactive 3D-matrices. Using PMMA ensures an excellent optical brilliance and a low autofluorescence compared to Polystyrene. Its excellent biocompatibility makes our beads suitable for use in combination with living cells and organisms.

Functionalized microplates

PolyAn´s reactive microplates are used for covalent immobilizing biomolecules that inefficiently coat by passive adsorption. PolyAn offers amine-binding surfaces, providing a convenient method to covalently immobilize biomolecules. Our portfolio also includes covalently coated Streptavidin and Neutravidin coated plates, solvent stable microplates that are comprised of Polypropylene (PP) and 3D-Azide functionalized plates for bio-orthogonal coupling via click-chemistry.

Calibration tools for fluorescence imaging systems

For fluorescence based detection systems PolyAn is offering re-usable calibration tools. PolyAn’s calibration slides for cell assays are used as quality controls in a number of IVD systems for immunology applications.

Molecular Surface Engineering Services

PolyAn is able to equip almost any substrate with our reactive matrices for selective immobilization and antifouling surfaces for the reduction of cell adhesion and unspecific binding, respectively. As part of our Molecular Surface Engineering services, we offer functionalized consumable and substrate materials for OEM applications, which are tailored to specified customer requirements.