Coated PCR Plates

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample. The technology is used in applications from basic research to high-throughput screening. Addressing a growing number of enquiries for reactive PCR plates that enable covalent and even bio-orthogonal immobilization of aptamers, oligonucleotides, peptides and other biomolecules, we are now offering functionalized PCR plates.

Key features

  • Reactive surfaces for covalent immobilization of biomolecules
  • Directed (bio-orthogonal) immobilization via click-chemistry with 3D-Azide surface
  • Minimal leaching due to covalent immobilization
  • Minimal unspecific binding due to 3D functional matrix
  • Coating service with your oligonucleotide available
  • Other reactive surfaces and plate designs available upon request

Functionalized 96-well PCR plates

Id Title
00 850 451 3D-NHS 96-well PP PCR plate, half skirt, ABI design
00 850 601 3D-Azide 96-well PP PCR plate, half skirt, ABI design
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Customized plate surfaces

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require a special surface for binding of your biomolecules that is not listed in the products table. We are also offering the coating of oligonucleotides onto our PCR plates as a service. Other PCR plate formats and substrates can also be equipped with our surfaces as part of our Molecular Surface Engineering Services.

PolyAn also offers plates for colorimetric, chemiluminescence and fluorescent detection systems, respectively. Please go to the sections for ELISA-plates , covalently coated Streptavidin & Neutravidin plates or glass bottom plates to select from a wide range of surfaces and well designs.