Functionalized UHMW PE Microparticles and porous PP particles

PolyAn offers functionalized porous, homopolymer polypropylene particles as powder resp. granules*). These particles are mechanically stable, chemically inert and low swelling in most organic solvents (illustration: SEM Micrograph of an Accurel® MP1000 Particle).

Characteristics of porous PP microparticles:

MFR PP: 25 g/10 min (ISO 1133 @ 230°C/2,16kg)
Density: 0,9 g/cm³
Melting Temperature: 156° C
Void content: 73%

Due to the completely open cell structure the porous polypropylene particles act like tiny sponges with the capability to absorb several times their own weight of liquid substances. When functionalized these particles remain dry and free-flowing and therefore convenient to dose and to handle.

Additionally, PolyAn also offers functionalised UHMW Polyethylene (PE) microparticles with a diameter of 30µm (illustration: 40x microscope image of UHMW PE microparticles).

PolyAn functionalizes the internal and external surfaces of both the porous PP microparticles and the UHWM PE microparticles with either 3D-Amino or 3D-Carboxy matrices, suitable for coupling biomolecules or catalysts.


The functionalized, porous particles are also suitable for solid phase synthesis and flow chemistry applications, e.g.:

  • Covalent immobilization of enzymes
  • Covalent immobilization of catalysts
  • Use as scavenger particles to separate specific molecules resp. molecule classes from a product stream
  • Reactive agents


Mean Diameter
Id Title Packaging Mean Diameter
200 01 400 3D-Amino Functionalized Porous Polypropylene Microparticles Dry powder 400 µm µm
200 02 400 3D-Carboxy Functionalized Porous Polypropylene Microparticles Dry powder 400 µm µm
200 05 030 3D-Amino UHMW Polyethylen Microparticles Dry powder 30 µm
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*) Accurel® MP100, Accurel® MP1000 (registered trade mark owned by Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH)