Functionalized 96-well plates for covalent immobilization of biomolecules

Based on our Molecular Surface Engineering technology PolyAn is offering a range of reactive, functionalized microplates. These include both Amine-binding 3D-NHS functionctionalized plates, nucleophilic binding 3D-Epoxy plates, 3D-Azide plates for click-chemistry as well as Streptavidin and Neutravidin coated plates.

These surfaces are the ideal platform for binding of proteins, peptides, DNA and oligonucleotides. The 3D-Epoxy and 3D-NHS 96-well microplates are used mainly if adsorptive binding of peptides or oligonucleotides, for example, to high/medium binding surfaces is ineffective or the binding strength is not sufficient. Areas of application include detection methods such as ELISA, ELI- Spot, protein and peptide arrays and DNA binding.

For PCR applications PolyAn is now offering functionalized PCR plates with 3D-NHS and 3D-Azide surfaces as well as a coating service for immobilization of biomolecules in the PCR plates.

Low Fouling Cedex Sample Cups

The Low Fouling Cedex Sample Cups have been functionalized to reduce non-specific binding of cells on the Cup’s walls. This significantly reduces the error especially when working with defined media. Cedex Sample Cups are designed for use with automated Cedex and Cedex HiRes Systems.



Cell Culture Products

PolyAn offers antifouling coatings for a wide range of plastic consumables that are used in LifeScience research, pharma production, diagnostics, sensor applications and biomedicine. Our proprietary coating reduces biofouling and also cell adsorption on nearly any synthetic surface. Products include cups, 96-well microtiter plates, microfluidic devices and a wide range of customized products.

PolyAn is also the European distributor for Grace Bio-Labs wide range of Seals and Chambers as well as other Tools for Cell Culture and Protein Crystallization.