Protein Crystallization

ProCrystal™ protein crystallization covers  are designed for high throughput protein x-ray crystallography in 96-well plates.  The ProCrystal material is extremely hydrophobic to maintain drop footprint and segregation, even with protocols using MPD, glycerol or detergents.

The ProCrystal cover is also UV compatible with the highest optical quality available. Our stringent manufacturing process and quality control ensure clean, particle-free material shipped ready to use. Our protein crystallization covers are available in uncut, or pre-cut format that allows removal of covers from individual wells at different times.


  • TTP Labtech Mosquito®* compatible
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Ready-to-use, dust-free
  • UV compatible
  • No noticeable x-ray diffraction
  • Accommodates up to 3 protein drops per well
  • Two formats: pre-cut or uncut

Protein crystallization is a key assay for structural studies of proteins. The protocols for crystallization of protein are challenging due to the stringent requirement for pure samples and control of environmental conditions during the crystallization process. Vapor diffusion using hanging drop is a preferred method for obtaining quality crystals with high throughput. This protocol requires a coverslip (or protein crystallization cover) on which a drop of protein solution is  placed on top of a reagent reservoir. The progression of crystal formation is observed through the cover, and then the cover is removed to capture the crystals. This process is often conducted in multiwell (96-well) plate format for high throughput screening.

Grace Bio-Labs has collaborated with leading crystallographers to develop the ProCrystal™ protein crystallization covers using materials with the highest optical quality and stringent manufacturing processes to ensure clean, particle-free covers. Our protein crystallization covers are compatible with SBS-compliant microtiter plates and TTP Mosquito® Instruments.

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PCC-ProCrystal Frameless Uncut/Paper Liner Protein Crystallization Cover -5 PACK

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Title PCC-ProCrystal Frameless Uncut/Paper Liner Protein Crystallization Cover -5 PACK
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