SuperNOVA: Porous Nitrocellulose Surface for Fluorescence Detection

Fluorescence detection is a preferred method for many quantitative protein microarray assays in research and diagnostic applications due to its excellent sensitivity and potential for multiplexing. Use of multiplexed fluorescence-based assays on porous nitrocellulose though has been hampered by high backgrounds at shorter excitation wavelengths (such as the 532 nm fluorescence channel).

Grace Bio-Labs has therefore developed ONCYTE® SuperNOVA microporous nitrocellulose film slides to increase protein microarray assay sensitivity and dynamic range using fluorescent endpoints at multiple wavelengths. Use of SuperNOVA slides can lower the limit of detection with fluorescent endpoints by 3 – 4 orders of magnitude over competing nitrocellulose film slides.

ONCYTE® SuperNOVA 8- 6mm x 15mm NC pads per slide, Plain Glass 25 x 75 x 1mm - 20 PACK

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Title ONCYTE® SuperNOVA 8- 6mm x 15mm NC pads per slide, Plain Glass 25 x 75 x 1mm - 20 PACK
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Description The ONCYTE product is a three dimensional microporous film cast on a variety of solid surfaces (vis. Glass, plastic) comprised of a combination of nitrocellulose polymer and proprietary chemistry that provides an ideal surface for marker discovery and val

ONCYTE(R) SuperNOVA-Nitrocellulose film slides optimized for low background fluorescence without sacrificing dynamic range. Glass slides are 25 x 75 x 1 mm and have 20 slides in a Pack.