Functionalized Polymer Slides

Especially for diagnostic applications PolyAn is offering a broad range of functionalized microarray polymer slides. For reasons of reliability and bio-safety, patient-centric biomarker testing is always performed in single-use cartridges with a one-step process (sample in – result out). These cartridges should be disposable after use, so the materials of the cartridge should be non-hazardous and recyclable.

PolyAn's Polymer Slides are comprised of a low auto fluorescence plastic. The material is highly robust against breakage making it the material of choice when working with hazardous materials. It is suitable for injection molding and hot embossing processes.

The slides are produced with standard dimensions of 25 x 75 x 1 mm. Additionally, we offer the functionalization of your plastic including microfluidics with a surface modification that is tailored to your specific application. Please also have a look at our ProPlate, HybriWell and SecureSeal products that facilitate handling of slides.

3D-reactive Polymer Slides

3D-Maleimid Polymer Slide, 25 slides/box

Id 104 01 451
Title 3D-Maleimid Polymer Slide, 25 slides/box
Substrate POLYMER
Format Planar slide
Mean Diameter
Color Labeling
Surface Modifications 3D-Maleimide
Solids Content
Product Dimensions 25 x 75 mm
Packaging Volume 25 Slides/Box
Package Weight 94 g
Dimensions 89 x 86 x 31 mm
Hts Code 39 26 90 97
Pads Wells
Pad Size
Well Format
Product Thickness 1 mm
Description Maleimide-surfaces for „click chemistry“ for oriented covalent coupling (immobilization) of thiolated biochemical species.

PolyAn’s 3D-functionalised microarray Slides are functionalized with a three-dimensional (3D)-surface chemistry comprised of a long-chain polymer containing a defined number of reactive groups. This polymer is covalently linked to the surface of the slide.

Our MSE-technology gently binds the functional layer onto the surface without damaging the base substrate. The morphology of the functional surface and thus also the number of the reactive groups can be fine-tuned within a narrow range. This yields a number of advantages:

Low fluorescence background Covalent binding of functional layer on the substrate without changing the initial autofluorescence.
Low unspecific binding Combination of reactive functional groups with PolyAn antifouling matrix.
Topography Tuneable surface
hydrophilicity / hydrophobicity (contact angle).
Uniform spot morphology Narrow variation of surface properties and homogeneous distribution of reactive groups.
Optimal density and high accessibility of reactive groups Morphology and thickness of functional layer tailored to the desired application.


Technical specifications


The slides are packaged in inert atmospheric boxes, with a capacity of 25 or 5 slides per box.


PolyAn’s slides are characterised by a long shelf-life when stored dry, at 4-8°C and protected from sunlight. All slides are packaged in boxes under Argon atmosphere to avoid contamination with particles. The Argon atmosphere also minimises degradation of the reactive surface through contact with air or humidity.