HybriWell™ Sealing System

HybriWell™ Sealing System seals securely to a microscope slide surface in seconds.

  • Multiple formats
  • Dual loading ports, seal tabs included
  • Clean release
  • Small volume, minimize reagent use

HybriWell™ Sealing System bonds securely to a microscope slide surface in seconds to confine small reagent volumes with samples and eliminate evaporation. Each package includes illustrated instructions for use, applicator and 200 adhesive port seals. Any of the designs listed may be easily customized to increase or decrease chamber depth. Hybriwells™ are recommended for most protein and nucleic acid assays. If you are using Cy5 or ® Alexa Fluor 647 direct-labeled DNA probes please refer to our new “fluorescent friendly” chambers. All current designs may be fabricated using our "fluorescent friendly" adhesive material. 


HBW2222-HybriWell / 21.6mm X 21.6mm X 0.15mm Depth / 30-50UL Approx. Vol., 25.5mm X 30mm OD / SecureSeal Adhesive Chamber / 1.5mm Dia. Ports - 200 Port Seals Included - 100 PACK

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Title HBW2222-HybriWell / 21.6mm X 21.6mm X 0.15mm Depth / 30-50UL Approx. Vol., 25.5mm X 30mm OD / SecureSeal Adhesive Chamber / 1.5mm Dia. Ports - 200 Port Seals Included - 100 PACK
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Description HybriWell Sealing System Encloses single or multiple specimens in a small reagent volume and eliminate evaporation. Access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition or removal of reactants.

Product description

Disposable seals comprised of a plastic cover and chamber walls fabricated from double-sided adhesive to create the desired depth.  Access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition or removal of reactants.  Ports are easily sealed using Adhesive Seal Tabs.   Sealed chambers are watertight and ideally suited for submerged or overnight incubations.   RNase free, hydrophobic surfaces will not trap or bind probes.  Disposable chamber removes cleanly and easily even after heating.   Two standard adhesive types (SecureSeal™ and Fluorescent Friendly) are available in a variety of chamber sizes, and depths.  This product is easily customized for applications that employ the use of “exotic” surface chemistries by selecting from our portfolio of adhesive options.

SecureSeal™ Adhesive vs Fluorescent Friendly Adhesive:

Standard versions of the HybriWell™ are manufactured using double-sided, clear SecureSeal™ Adhesive.  The Fluorescent Friendly Adhesive was developed in response to reports from few laboratories that they were experiencing signal quenching using CY5 and AF647 using SecureSeal™ Adhesive.   We contacted multiple HybriWell™ customers using these fluors for hybridization and results were mixed with many of the labs having no issues whatsoever.    After creating a matrix of variables, the information we know to date is:

  • The phenomenon only occurs during hybridization assays above 55C
  • Only occurs if the fluor is directly conjugated to the probe (no problem  in a sandwich assay).
  • CY3 and other fluors are not affected.
  • Some labs do not have the quenching issue at all under any of the above conditions.

As far as we know, some component of the hybridization buffer is reacting with some component of the adhesive used to make standard HybriWell™ and SecureSeal™ products resulting in signal quenching.   We are not able to identify which component may be the culprit as many of the customers having the problem were using pre-made hybe buffers , the manufacturers of which will not share the formulation with us.   We feel that it is appropriate to alert customers to the potential risk of this quenching phenomenon   if they are using SecureSeal™ adhesive under any of the conditions we’ve described.  We identified the Fluorescent Friendly adhesive as a material which does not quench signal under any conditions and it was tested by the labs which reported the problem and all reported favorable results.

HybriWells™ are sold with a standard compliment of Adhesive Seal Tabs (QTY 200) which may be applied to the filling ports to prevent evaporation.  Many customers do not find it necessary or desirable to use the tabs, therefore to reduce cost we do not include a full complement of port seals with all versions of the product.  For example, if you purchased HybriWell 6L,  a seal with 6 chambers X 2 ports each, you would require 1200 port seals to cover all of the filling ports, therefore 800 additional port seals would need to be purchased separately.

The HybriWell™ product group represents the one most often modified for a customer’s particular application, OEM component for private label kits and research and development projects.    Applications include commercial microarray kits,  flowcells and chambers for genome sequencing, tissue incubation and content packaging.