PolyAn Newsletter July/2014

PolyAn is proud to introduce our focus beads for imaging of cell-based assays in the July 2014 issue of our newsletter.

Quickly finding the correct focus level is one of the key challenges for automated, microscope based fuorescence imaging systems. In most  applications DAPI-focussing on cell nuclei is used to determine the bottom of slides, plates or other carrier materials. However, this method can lead to errors when the cells detach from the bottom surface or are insuffciently stained.

PolyAn addresses this problem with our new 2 µm blue fluorescent Polymethyl- methacrylate (PMMA) beads.

  • 2 µm beads have a comparable size to cell nuclei.
  • PMMA-grade is not cell-toxic and does not interfere with the cell behavior.
  • Color encoded in the DAPI channel, transparent in all other channels.
  • Well-defined fuorescence intensity. Problems caused by insuffcient staining of the cell nuclei can thus be avoided.
  • Easy handling: the beads can be easily added to the cell suspension. They quickly sink to the bottom and thus indicate the correct focus level.

Find out more about our focus beads and get a sample for initial tests.