PolyAn launches new submicron PMMA-bead product family

PolyAn complements its existing product family of microparticles with the launch of a new range of fluorescence encoded submicron PMMA beads. The 100-500 nm diameter, fluorescent and functionalized beads are used in life science research and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD).

PolyAn’s new PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) based submicron particles are available in sizes between 100 nm to 500 nm. They are characterized by a narrow particle size distribution and an excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility. PMMA submicron beads are biocompatible und thus suited for live cell applications. Latex beads with carboxy and aldehyde for immobilization of biomolecules (proteins, antibodies, haptens etc.) as well as plain beads are available.

The PMMA-nanobeads are suitable for immunoturbidimetric assays, nephelometric assays, cell staining / compartiment staining, solid phase immunoassays and calibration of flow cytometers or fluorescence microscopes.


Fridtjof Lechhart, COO/CFO PolyAn GmbH

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About PolyAn

PolyAn is a nanotechnology company specialized in the modification of surfaces using Molecular Surface Engineering (MSE). Since 1996 PolyAn develops and manufactures high performance consumables for multiplex diagnostics and life science research. The product portfolio includes monodisperse microparticles (beads) and sub-micron particles for multiplex bead assays, cell interaction studies and instrument calibration as well as a range of functionalized microplates for immunoassays. PolyAn is also one of the leading producers of functionalized substrates for microarrays as well as reactive microplates for immunoassays.