Membranes for the organophilic Nanofiltration

Organophilic Nanofiltration (oNF) is a pressure-driven process in the molecular range between Ultrafiltration and Reverse-Osmosis. The focus is in the processing of organic media.
Solvent-stable oNF-membranes enable new, highly efficient processes to selectively separate liquid organic compounds in combination with or alternative to conventional thermal separation technologies.
PolyAn can offer a range of composite membranes which achieve the high requirements for oNF-membranes. Based on PolyAn’s comprehensive know how in the area of Molecular Surface Engineering, it is possible to tailor the separation layer of the membrane to specific tasks.

Characteristics of our oNF-Membranes:

  • Excellent performance with regards to permeability and selectivity
  • Chemically robust in organic media like:
    • Alkenes (Hexane, …)
    • Aromatics (Toluene, …)
    • Alcohols (Ethanol, …)
    • Ethers (THF, …)
    • Ketones (Acetone, …)
    • Esters (Ethylacetat, …)
  • Long term stability
  • Mechanical robustness during pressure and temperature changes
  • Easy packaging for a wide range of module designs

Applications (examples):

  • Recovery of homogeneous catalysts
  • Conditioning of liquid hydrocarbons
  • Purification of organic solvents
  • Product separation in the edible oil industry
  • ...

PolyAn can ensure an optimal membrane selection and characterisation based on our wide range of testing and analytical equipment.


Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Matuschewski (, if you have any questions regarding our offering or would like to place an order. We are looking forward to your enquiry.