Advanced Separation Materials

New membranes for the organic-organic separation

New, chemically robust membrane materials combined with PolyAn’s technology for specific design of functional separation layers (“pore filling concept”) have opened up a range of new applications for membrane technology:

Organophilic Pervaporation (oPV)

PolyAn develops and produces membranes for separation of liquids and gases of different polarity in technical processes. PolyAn offers aromatic-selective and alcohol-selective membranes for the separation of aromatic and aliphatic compounds. The relevant separation parameters, such as separation factor and flow, are unique.

Organophilic Nanofiltration (oNF)

Organophilic Nanofiltration (oNF) is a pressure-driven process in the molecular range between Ultrafiltration and Reverse-Osmosis. The focus is in the processing of organic media. PolyAn offers a range of solvent-stable membranes for the organophilic Nanofiltration.

Testing services

PolyAn offers a range of lab-scale membrane separation units and test rigs to ensure an optimal selection of suitable membranes for a given separation task. For the organophilic Nanofiltration we also offer the processing of small volumes (purification, concentration) for pilot marketing / sampling and testing purposes.