Functionalized Sensor Chips for SPR applications

PolyAn’s three dimensional Epoxy and Amino reactive matrices for covalent immobilization of biomolecules are now available for gold- and silver coated materials. 3D-Epoxy and 3D-Amino functionalized gold surfaces are used for label-free detection by Surface Plasmon Resonance systems (SPR) and other applications using noble metals on surfaces.

PolyAn offers both conventional silanised 2D-surfaces as well as our 3D-nanogel surfaces for SPR applications. The 10-30 nm 3D polymer layers are suitable for on-chip synthesis of DNA and peptides as well as immobilizing of antibodies and antigens

Id Title
204 00 005 3D-Amino Gold-coated SPR-chips, 11 x 12mm Info
204 00 205 3D-Epoxy Gold-coated SPR-chip, 11x12mm Info
204 00 225 2D-Epoxy Gold-coated SPR-chip, 11x12mm Info
204 00 405 3D-NHS Gold-coated SPR-chip, 11x12mm Info
204 00 601 2D-Isothiocyanate Gold-coated SPR-chips, 11 x 12mm. Info
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