Microarray Slides for Peptide applications

All of PolyAn’s reactive surfaces are completely transparent. They are characterised by a low lot-to-lot variation that is specified and monitored by using contact angle measurements as well as qualitative test methods.

Id Title Surface Modifications
104 00 915 Surface test package (2) with 3x5 glass slides for directed immobilisation of peptides Streptavidin, Neutravidin and 3D-Maleimid Info
104 00 930 Surface test package (1) with 3x5 glass slides for immobilisation of peptides 2D-Epoxy, 3D-Epoxy and 3D-Amino Info
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More hydrophobic surfaces may result in reduced spot diameter, depending on the spotting buffer composition. Results may vary based on buffers, sample preparation, spotting and scanning instruments.

Please note, that in order to facilitate handling of the glass slides PolyAn also offers a range of useful accessories and reagents.