Customized particles and surface modifications

Upon request PolyAn offers the development and production of customized particles and surface modification. With our MSE-technology we are able to provide a wide range of possible combinations of the morphology and functional groups for micro- and nanoparticles. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized fluorescence or colour encoding

Our particles can be tailored to your particular needs with regards to their fluorophore and fluorophore concentration (fluorescence intensity).

Custom modification with biomolecules

PolyAn provides customized coupling of biomolecules. Possible biomolecules are oligonucleotides, proteins or peptides.

Surface modification of customer particles

Our customers provide the particles – PolyAn performs the surface modification. With our MSE-technology we customize the surface modification of your particles for your specific application. Possible particle types for this customization are polymer, silica and magnetic substrates.