November 2018

3D-Azide plates for click-chemistry applications

PolyAn today announced the introduction of its new 3D-Azide plates for bio-orthogonal immobilization of biomolecules via click-chemistry.Read more…

September 2018

PolyAn and Freie Universität Berlin start the development of novel Nanohydrogel surfaces

PolyAn wins research grant together with the Freie Universität Berlin. The project aims to develop new hydrogel surfaces for enhanced signal-to-noise ratios.Read more…

July 2018

New 3D-Aldehyde surface for beads

PolyAn today announced the introduction of its new 3D-Aldehyde PMMA beads for direct, one-step immobilization of biomolecules.Read more…

July 2017

TechNote: Bead Arrays – Single Bead Isolation Made Easy

Using Cellenion’s unique single-cell isolation and dispensing technology enables high throughput automated dispensing of individual beads from bead suspensions onto a substrate of your choice. Read more…

July 2017

PolyAn introduces Spectrum Calibration Beads

PolyAn today announced the launch of its Spectrum Calibration Beads for calibration of flow cytometers and other fluorescence imaging systems. Each color encoded PMMA bead population (peak) contains a mixture of fluorophores that allows performance validation at all wavelengths.Read more…

December 2016

PolyAn and BTU Cottbus/Senftenberg join forces to develop new Nanobeads

PolyAn wins research grant together with the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The project aims to develop a new fluorescence encoded Nanobeads and sub-micron particles for IVD applications.Read more…

August 2015

Increased reliability of cell counting systems by using coated sample cups

Poster presentation at the ESACT 2015 regarding Cedex Low Fouling cups.

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