MultiSlip™ Coverglass Inserts

Sterile, ready- to-use MultiSlip™ for culture of cells where pretreatment with a biological coating of glass surface is required.

MultiSlip™ insert with 8 (18 mm x 18 mm) or 15 (12 mm x 12 mm) number 1.5 German coverglass per insert are sterile and ready to use in conventional 86 mm x 128 mm culture plates.

Staining and washing procedures may be performed with MultiSlip™ inserts in the plate, or silicone backed coverglass may be removed individually and affixed to glass microscope slides. Alternately, inserts may be easily removed for batch processing in glass staining dishes.

MultiSlips™ are ideally suited for the culture of cells where pretreatment of glass surfaces with a biological coating is required. Simply add sterile solution to the plate, incubate and aspirate. Coating is applied evenly to one side of the glass only, with no overlapping, handling with forceps, or breakage. Biological coating procedures for coverglass are available.