ONCYTE® AVID Nitrocellulose Film Slides

Nitrocellulose-coated microarray substrates used for protein, glycan and cell lysate arrays, tissue and cell printing and other applications where binding affinity, binding capacity and preservation of native bioactivities are important.
The nitrocellulose Film-slide and Film-plate technology, trademarked ONCYTE®, was invented by Grace Bio-Labs scientists. The ONCYTE® product is a three dimensional microporous film cast on a variety of solid surfaces (vis. Glass, plastic) comprised of a combination of nitrocellulose polymer and proprietary chemistry that provides an ideal surface for marker discovery and validation as well as study of protein function.

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ONCYTE® AVID -Nitrocellulose film slides with highest binding capacity, large dynamic range. Original formula from Grace Bio-Labs. Slides are 25 x 75 x 1 mm and have 20 slides in a Pack