SecureSeal™ hybridization chambers provide optimum surface to volume fluid dynamics

SecureSeal™ Hybridization Chambers are thin, silicone-gasketed chambers providing optimal surface-to-volume fluid dynamics for hybridization assays on large or multiple specimens and microarrays on glass or film coated slides.  These adhesive-backed chambers are designed for single-use, very-low volume incubations and are ideal for autoradiographic, fluorescent or chemiluminescent end-point applications requiring small, enclosed fluid volumes.


  • Design minimizes friction, promotes reagent mixing, and facilitates uniform hybridization.
  • Sealable access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition and removal of reactants.
  • Adhesive seal tabs create leak-proof chambers that are temperature resistant.
  • SecureSeal™ adhesive bonds chambers to glass in seconds and removes cleanly and easily even after heating.
  • SecureSeals™ are ideally suited for protocols utilizing autoradiographic, fluorescent or chemiluminescent end points.

SecureSeal Hybridization Chambers

ST200 Adhesive Seal Tabs, 7.62mm Dia. - 200 PACK

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Title ST200 Adhesive Seal Tabs, 7.62mm Dia. - 200 PACK
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Description Adhesive Seal TABS / 7.62mm Dia. - 200 PACK