ProPlate™ multi-well chambers

ProChambers™ MultiWell Chambers are made from a durable, flat, precision machined aluminum to ensure proper slide alignment and leak-free arrays. The chambers have a footprint compatible with multi-channel pipettes or automated loading. The top chamber face is embossed with a letter and number panel for easy identification of each subarray.

The ArraySlide 16 chamber fits one microarray slide and sections it into 16 individual surfaces for multiple simultaneous protein, gene expression, or screening analysis studies. The unit includes a lower carrier tray, upper structure plate, and gasket (patent pending). The 7 mm x 7 mm surfaces are positioned 9 mm apart in a 2 x 8 format for easy loading by multi-channel pipettes or automated robots.

ProChambers™ MultiWell Chambers

Id Title
645508 16 Well ProChamber Microarray System, 2 x 8 Well, 7.5 mm x 7.5 mm, 9 mm Center- EACH
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